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Homecoming 2013: A Message From Director of Athletics Ken Tyler

Homecoming 2013: A Message From Director of Athletics Ken Tyler

October 28, 2013


Dear UMW Alumni, Students, Parents, and Fans:

This past Saturday, October 26, was a certainly a great day to be an Eagle!  Homecoming brought many alumni back to campus to celebrate their pride in UMW and to share good times with friends and classmates.  It is always special as we link our proud tradition with our exciting future.

This connection was on full display in the parking lot adjacent to the soccer complex, as tailgating made its official return to the Battleground.  Thousands of people enjoyed food and fellowship in an uplifting and festive manner.  The atmosphere was safe and welcoming as people wandered the area swapping old stories, all the while cheering on the Eagles soccer team right next to them.  I want to thank all staff members who worked so hard to make tailgating a success.  I also want to thank all the patrons of the event who made the day so positive and enjoyable.  Everyone represented the University of Mary Washington in a first-class manner!

It was obvious that tailgating enhanced the Homecoming experience and forged a real and tangible connection for our alumni.  We welcome your feedback as we strive to make the experience even better next year.  In the meantime, please remember that Mary Washington will always be home for you and that you will always be an Eagle.  We hope that you will follow us online at and come back to our beautiful campus often.  Even though Homecoming was special, every day is a great day to be an Eagle!


Ken Tyler

Director of Athletics