UMW Athletics Mission Statement


Every day in the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics at the University of Mary Washington we engage our community to teach, support and celebrate our student-athletes in their quest for excellence.  We bring Eagles together through events we host on campus and participate in across the nation.  At the same time, we provide opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders to develop strong values through athletic competition:  teamwork, sacrifice, preparation, adversity and success.

The words of our mission statement capture the passion our coaches and staff bring to the workplace.  We understand our role within the university and the community of Fredericksburg.  A university campus is a living and learning environment where professors, coaches, researchers, administrators, alumni and students are continuously teaching and learning from each other.  Eagle athletics is integrated in the academic and research framework of our university.  In all that we do, the Athletic Department strives to be a value to UMW and those individuals and businesses that support our programs.

More than 450 student-athletes compete in 23 sports while pursuing a college degree.  You will find most of them working by your side in the years to come in occupations other than professional sports.  Reflective in our student body, the university provides student-athletes that come from different locations and backgrounds an opportunity to excel.

The Athletic Department relies on the financial support of the University, our Eagle Club members, season-ticket holders, corporate partners and postseason competition funds.  The awareness our teams bring to our campus, academic colleges and community is of high value and important to national exposure.

We also take pride in the value that Eagle Athletics brings to campus and the community of Fredericksburg.  Events held on campus serve as an opportunity and a revenue source to private businesses and other campus operating units.  Hotel rooms, restaurants, concessions, licensed apparel, parking, construction, renovation projects and security are a few examples of where revenues directly derived from Athletic Department events positively impact other areas and businesses.  In addition, our coaches, student-athletes and administrators are leaders in regards to community outreach, including relationships with charitable organizations and engagement in the K-12 classrooms.

Eagle Athletics is proud to be part of a great university and engaged in the community, and we understand our role.  As we celebrate our championships and achievements, we also celebrate the accomplishments of those that work beside us in academics, student life, and the arts.  The significance of our university and the attractiveness of our community are due to the collective and diverse success of everyone working together.