Women's Tennis Standout Alex Ritter Featured in Wednesday's "Why UMW?" D3 Week Profile

Women's Tennis Standout Alex Ritter Featured in Wednesday's "Why UMW?" D3 Week Profile

Did you know that NCAA’s Division III is the largest of the three NCAA divisions with 444 schools?  Over 170,000 student-athletes play for the love of their sport—they receive no scholarships for athletics.  So why would a student-athlete continue to play her sport AND why would she choose UMW? 

Let’s hear from Alex Ritter, a women’s tennis player.  Alex is majoring in Biology (pre-med) and is from Virginia Beach, VA. 

“It’s a great day to be an eagle!”  A sentiment  I’ve heard numerous times over the last few years from my coach – but tonight, as I look around at my teammates – my second family – celebrating our big win over a Division I opponent, I was struck by just how true that was, not just tonight, but every day.  Like a lot of UMW athletes, I’m not here because I didn’t get into UVA, or didn’t get calls from DI schools, quite the contrary; I’m here BECAUSE of those options. Having those opportunities forced me to examine my priorities and to look closely at what I wanted out of my college experience. Over and over UMW fit the bill – academic excellence, small class size, personal educational experiences with nationally renowned professors, and a nationally ranked tennis program with state of the art facilities.  I knew I would have an instant support system, a home away from home, and be challenged both in the class room and on the court. The beautiful campus, historic community, and proximity to DC, the ocean, even transportation to NYC didn’t hurt. Why UMW? Why D3? For me – it’s the complete package!

If you haven’t yet done so, consider attending a men’s or women’s tennis match in our Tennis Center, one of the finest facilities in Division III.  You’re likely to see some excellent tennis as well!