UMW Student-Athletes Participate in Community Outreach Projects

Several of the University of Mary Washington student-athletes participated in community outreach projects this semester. Student-athletes from various Eagle teams went to Spotswood Elementary, as well as Spotslyvania Middle School to help with various projects for the two schools.

The student-athletes who went to Spotswood, helped distribute dictionaries to third grade students at the school. The student-athletes, along with Director of Athletics Ken Tyler, engaged the students with trivia questions, and explaining that school work is just as important as athletics or anything else. "Giving an hour of my time to interact with kids in the community and hand out dictionaries was rewarding beyond measure," said men's basketball player Marcellus Holley about the event. "Seeing the excitement on their faces to meet us and receive dictionaries from us showed that as student-athletes we have the opportunity to be ambassadors for the school and reach out and be role models in the community."

At Spotslyvania Middle School, the student-athletes assisted with the running of the school's athletic fundraiser. The fundraiser allowed the students to purchase tickets to participate in carnival-like games for the chance to win prizes. The UMW student-athletes ran the games, such as the bucket toss, foul and trick shot, as well as other various games.