UMW Swimming to participate in 2009 "Hour of Power" Charity Effort

UMW Swimming to participate in 2009

The University of Mary Washington men's and women's swimming teams will join college and high school programs nationwide in participating in the 2009 "Hour of Power" Charity Fundraising event on November 10, 2009 at 5:30 p.m. The “Hour of Power” relay is swum in honor of Carleton College swimmer Ted Mullin, who died in the fall of 2006 from sarcoma, a rare soft-tissue cancer. Funds raised through this event support research at the University of Chicago into the causes and treatment of sarcoma in young people.

What is the “Hour of Power” Relay? 
The set is one of the Carleton College Knights’ favorites, and the team felt it would be appropriate to run a “Leave it in the Pool” practice consisting of continuous relays, any stroke, all-out swimming, for one hour, with the objective of keeping all relays in each lane on the same length. Simultaneously swimming the “Hour of Power” across time zones adds to the spirit and fun of the relay, but teams unable to participate at the scheduled date/times are encouraged to hold a relay event whenever possible. 

The participants in the event are asked to gather pledges and donations for the Ted Mullin Fund for Sarcoma Research at the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital. Each participating team will be provided with information well in advance of the event to aid in the fund-raising effort, as well as material regarding sarcoma, the type of cancer that claimed Ted's life. We encourage participation to raise team spirit and cancer awareness whether or not your program is able to fund raise. 

Where Does the Money Go?
Funds raised act as seed funding for the University of Chicago pediatric sarcoma research program, allowing collaborative efforts between clinicians and physician-scientists in the identification of the causes of sarcoma, at the most basic molecular and cellular levels. With a team of dedicated pediatric oncologists, orthopedists, and radiation therapists in place, the Ted Mullin Fund has enabled the University of Chicago to recruit Stephen X. Skapek, M.D., an expert in the study and treatment of sarcomas. Dr. Skapek and team aspire to translate new scientific discovery into improved therapies for
cancer patients like Ted Mullin.