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The Mary Washington swim team strives for excellence both in and out of the pool. We often talk about “the three S’s: School, Service and Swimming” and want to make sure we have all three balanced in our college experience.  Every month the team does different community outreach projects, including food and shoe drives, swim clinics for children from Stafford Junction and Special Olympics meets. While these events are important and will continue to be a part of our community service program, this year the team started looking for other opportunities closer to home.

Rather than another  event that was happened once or twice over the course of the year,  the team started to serve in a program that kept them involved from week to week. Every Wednesday, a group of 3-5 swimmers help out at a local church to serve dinner to those in need. The swimmers help by serving food and drinks, clearing plates and cleaning tables, and providing a positive experience for the people that they serve. By being present at the church throughout the year, the volunteers are able to see the direct impact they make in the community. The team plans to continue this service project next year and looks forward to continuing to make an impact in our community.