Strength and Conditioning Staff

Chris Ellis CSCS, CPT

Director of Strength and Conditioning
Assistant Baseball Coach

Chris is in his second year as the Director of Strength and conditioning for all 23 intercollegiate athletic teams in addition to two UMW club sports, men’s and women’s rugby. He oversees two student interns and one volunteer assistant. Coach received his BS in Kinesiology from Longwood University and currently holds his NSCA CSCS, CPT certifications, as well as his CPR/AED/First Aid certification from the American Red Cross.

Coach Ellis played four years of collegiate baseball, two years at Division 1 Longwood University and two years at Division 2 Mount Olive College. He was a catcher and an infielder. Chris also serves as the assistant baseball coach at UMW.

Chris currently lives in Fredericksburg, VA.


Dr. Steve Erle DC, CSCS

Volunteer Asst. Strength Coach

Steve is in his second year as a volunteer assistant strength and conditioning coach. He works with women’s basketball and men’s rugby.

Dr. Erle also serves as a volunteer in the athletic training room at UMW. He is also a Physician of Chiropractic Medicine with over 12 years of private practice. On top of volunteering and running his own practice, Steve is the Training Director of Seal Team Adventures and prior Naval Intelligence Specialist for SEAL and other Special Operation Command Units.

Steve earned his BS in Pre-Med/Anthropology from State University of New York at Albany and his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University.

“Steve is a huge asset to our athletic department. He is what they call a utility player. He can do just about anything and has helped me personally in every way possible. We are lucky to have him as a volunteer and appreciate all of the hard work he puts in for our athletes.” – Coach Ellis


Chris Russo

Student Intern (Fall 2013)

Chris is a senior at UMW. He played college baseball at both the Virginia Military Institute and UMW. Chris hopes to earn his NSCA TSAC-F certification in the spring and gain invaluable experience as a leader and a coach through this internship opportunity. 

“Chris does not realize the help he has been, and will continue to be, to myself and this athletic department. He helps run our team dynamic warm ups as well as facility upkeep. Chris is vocal and well respected amongst his peers and that is something that will make him successful in anything that he decides to do after graduation.” – Coach Ellis


Maddy Ernesto

Student Intern (Fall 2013)

Maddy, short for Madison, is a sophomore at UMW and current member of the women’s rugby team. Maddy also hopes to earn her NSCA TSAC-F certification in the spring. She would like to train emergency personnel post-graduation. Maddy helps run the softball team training sessions as well as the open hours.

“Maddy is very new to the coaching world, but has picked up very quickly in her first month on staff. She becomes more and more vocal each day, and does a great job enforcing proper exercise technique with our softball team. I am excited to have her on board because after two more years of experience, she could be one of the very best female strength coaches coming right out of college.” – Coach Ellis