Lindsey McCuistion
Year: 2018
Hometown: Gloucester, VA
High School: Gloucester

Lindsey is an American Studies major and a Digital Studies minor and focuses on Race/Ethnicity and American Culture within her major.  She hasn’t played rugby before; in fact, Lindsey hasn’t played sports since she was a six year old on the soccer team, but she tries her best.

Lindsey found out about rugby in freshman year after UMW started bragging about how great the team was. She didn’t consider joining until she had a class with members Barfly and Jackie, who encouraged her to participate and watch games during a group project. A year later, with the help and encouragement of some coworkers, Lindsey finally made her way out to practice and joined.

Lindsey also serves as a Writing Center Consultant and member of the Aubade literary magazine crew. She recently joined Women of Color and has started volunteering at various events through this club. You can usually find her in the Writing Center or getting coffee at Blackstone.