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Women's Rugby

Capital Conference Semifinals

Capital Conference Semifinals

Hoping to reach their fourth consecutive Women's Collegiate Division II Capital Conference finals, Mary Washington hosted George Washington University in the semifinals.

George Washington knew their path to the finals was going to be difficult, as Mary Washington was hoping to become the only team since the conference to appear in each final.  At the start, Mary Washington took control of the game and within minutes Madie Welsh ('17) scored the first try, going up 5-0.

However, the score did not seem to faze George Washington, but only inspire them.  George Washington immediately answered with a score on Mary Washington going ahead (7-5).  Perhaps Mary Washington was overconfident or the score gave George Washington the spark they needed.  In the next 20 minutes, George Washington scored three more tries, going up 22-5.

As George Washington was beginning to relax with their 17 point lead, when Madie Welsh took advantage of an inattentive defense, and scored a second try on George Washington.  Before being able to reassemble, George Washington let in another try.  Scoring just before halftime for Mary Washington was Lani Budi ('17), bringing Mary Washington's deficit to within one score at 22-15.

Lani's score set the tone for the second half.  She came alive and scored two more tries for Mary Washington.  Following Lani's 3 scores, Bernice Kear ('18) put in a try.  Mary Washington now held onto a 34-22 lead.  With twenty minutes still to play, there was time for a lot of action.  Each team traded two more tries, with Jenn Moreland scoring and Bernice Kear picking up her second score of the match.  When the whistle blew, Mary Washington came out on top, 46-34.  Connecting for two Mary Washington conversions was Jackie Sherman ('17) and one for Ashleigh Holzworth ('19)

The other Capital Conference Semifinal score:

Towson 73 - Old Dominion 31


Nov 6 marks the fourth consecutive year Mary Washington will play in the Capital Conference Finals.  The matchup is:

Mary Washington v Towson